Ten Stock Trader – How Greg Diamond Spots 10 Stocks That Can Double Or Triple Your Money

ten stock trader greg diamond

Greg Diamond is one of the few CMTs (Chartered Market Technicians) that works for Stansberry Research. His investment strategy is based largely on technical analysis and price cycles.

He uses this strategy to find investment opportunities that most people miss. He’s used it to book 34 different gains of 100+% – without touching a single stock along the way.

Market Cycles

Market cycles have a way of wiping out most people’s gains. But not if you know the right strategies and can spot them.

Greg Diamond is one of those traders who uses market cycles to help him make his fortune. He has a 16-year track record of trading and portfolio management across all asset classes and is a member of the Market Technicians Association.

He specializes in technical analysis and holds the Chartered Market Technician designation. He focuses on equities, commodities, currencies, and futures.

His strategy is based on market cycles and historical data. He uses this information to pick the right stocks and spot the biggest moves.

He posts hour-by-hour commentary and predictions, even when the market is closed or on weekends. He also has a smartphone app that makes it easy to follow along. You can sign up for his service for $2,000 per year.

Time Cycles

Time cycles are a key component of technical analysis and can be used to analyze the future direction of price movements. They are a powerful way to anticipate turning points, as well as the support and resistance that will drive prices up or down in the coming days and weeks.

WD Gann believed that everything in the market repeats itself, with the basic business cycle consisting of a bottom, an upturn, and a top. He studied ancient geometry and astrology to uncover how market events and specific numbers repeated across various time cycles.

He believes that by knowing the history of price action, you can accurately predict where markets will move next. He uses this knowledge to help him decide which stocks to buy and when to take trades.

Greg Diamond has been a popular market analyst for years and is known for his success using advanced technical analysis methods to identify double-digit opportunities. He shares his best picks with subscribers through weekly trade alerts.

Ten Stocks

Greg Diamond is the editor of Ten Stock Trader, a trading service grounded in technical analysis and options trading. Each week, he sends subscribers a detailed trade alert on one of 10 stocks that have the potential to double or triple their money.

If you’re a long-term investor, this strategy can help you build huge gains from the market’s wild swings. It’s based on a secret signal that has the power to tell you where an individual stock is headed.

This service is also a great way to learn about options trading, as Diamond teaches how to use them as part of his strategy. He shares this knowledge within several resources that members receive when they sign up for Ten Stock Trader.

Greg has been trading for 18 years, and he’s managed multimillion-dollar portfolios across all asset classes. He has a Chartered Market Technician designation and has spoken at business schools on trading and technical analysis. He has also written a number of research reports and training videos that have been viewed by thousands of people.

Trading Strategy

Greg Diamond has a unique trading strategy. He uses cycle analysis and price action history to spot price peaks. He also believes that emotions–fear, greed, excitement, and anxiety–play a big role in driving prices up or down over the short term.

In fact, he’s predicted that the market will top on February 11th, 2022. He’s already booked 6 different 100% gains in that time period, and more than 300 people have sent him thank-you notes.

His main focus is options trading. He recommends a few plays each week that have the potential to double or triple your money, without you touching any stock along the way.

Plus, he sends special updates throughout the week, telling you when to lock-in gains, add to a position, and sell. He also includes a few options-based trading videos to help you get started. At $2,000 per year, this isn’t a cheap service. But it’s worth the investment if you want to make more money in the market than you do now.