Pacific Premier Trust

pacific premier trust

Pacific Premier Trust is a well-capitalized organization in the self-directed IRA industry. It offers services in investment options, Institutional Custodian Solutions, private fund custody and more.

They handle a variety of custodial services for their retirement clients, including account applications and activation, financial transaction processing, record keeping and reporting for the IRS.

Self-Directed IRAs

A self-directed IRA offers account holders greater control and flexibility when it comes to choosing their investments. They can invest in alternative assets like private equity, real estate and marketable funds.

Pacific Premier Trust offers these retirement accounts to both new and existing clients. The company has extensive experience with self-directed and traditional IRAs, as well as Roth IRAs.

It also maintains small business retirement accounts, such as SEP and SIMPLE IRAs. These can be set up and maintained by employers, but employees have the responsibility to make investment decisions within limits.

There are several custodians that offer this type of service, including uDirect, Rocket Dollar and Alto. These companies all have extensive lineups of alternatives and give checkbook control to investors.

Business IRAs

Pacific Premier Trust offers business IRAs that allow businesses to make tax-advantaged contributions to fund retirement plans. Its services include SEP and SIMPLE IRAs, as well as 401(k) and 403(b) plans.

It also provides investment options such as private equity and real estate. These investments can help investors diversify their portfolios and generate a steady income stream for retirement.

Pacific Premier Trust offers secure custodial services that are tailored to the needs of their customers. These clients include broker-dealers and registered investment advisors. They value the firm’s broad selection of alternative asset offerings, access to financial professionals who provide insights and strategies to maximize their clients’ returns, and secure custody services.

Custodial IRAs

A custodial IRA is an account that parents can open in their child’s name as a way to save for them. This can be a traditional or Roth IRA, and the child can make contributions to it as long as they have a source of income.

Pacific Premier Trust offers these services to a variety of clients, including small businesses and families. They also work with professional service providers, such as financial planners and accountants.

Those who want to save for their children can consider opening an education savings account (ESA). This type of account allows funds to be withdrawn tax-free if used for schooling purposes.

If you want to make alternative investments, such as real estate, private equity, and promissory notes, you may be interested in self-directed IRAs from pacific premier trust. Their team of experienced alternative asset specialists can help you gain more control over your retirement portfolio.

Inherited IRAs

Pacific premier trust, a subsidiary of Pacific Premier Bank, offers retirement accounts and other savings options for new and existing clients. Its representatives have experience with self-directed and traditional, Roth, inherited, and custodial accounts.

Inherited IRAs, also known as beneficiary IRAs, are retirement accounts that are passed on to a person after the original account holder dies. This type of IRA can be reopened as a traditional or Roth account, but the heir cannot make contributions to it.

Pacific Premier Trust offers self-directed IRAs that allow investors to invest in alternative assets, such as real estate, private equity, and promissory notes. These investments can diversify an investor’s portfolio and provide protection against stock market volatility.

Family Office IRAs

Investing in alternative assets with retirement funds has become increasingly popular, and Pacific Premier Trust has decades of experience assisting savvy investors. We provide institutional-quality client service, a dedicated execution team, and deal review services.

Real estate is a great option for IRAs because it allows investors to purchase notes secured by mortgages or trust deeds. These notes offer the opportunity for positive cash flow and interest income, which is beneficial in the IRA account.

As a CPA, attorney, or real estate expert, you may be assisting clients who want to utilize self-directed IRA funds in a variety of ways. Partnering with a trusted self-directed IRA custodian like Pacific Premier Trust can help you serve your clients and grow your business. As one of the most established and regulated independent custodians with 30 years of alternative asset custody experience, we can handle your client’s assets to comply with the Custody Rule.