i Trust Capital Reviews

i trust capital reviews

i Trust Capital is a crypto and precious metals IRA platform that lets investors invest in physical gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies. It offers traditional, Roth, and simplified employee pension (SEP) IRAs.

To open an account, you need to fill in all your personal information and verify your identity. Then, you choose the type of IRA you want to open and how you plan to fund it. You also need to add at least one primary beneficiary.

They offer IRAs

The IRAs offered by i trust capital reviews allow you to invest in cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and more. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between traditional IRAs that save you taxes now, or Roth IRAs that pay tax-free dividends in retirement.

iTrustCapital offers 28 cryptocurrencies and plans to add two more very soon, which is more than some other crypto IRAs offer. They also support precious metals, which can help you hedge against inflation and other risks.

They provide clients with live chat and phone support to answer questions before opening an account. Their customer service is rated highly on both Google and Trustpilot.

iTrustCapital’s fees are among the lowest in the industry and include a flat 1% transaction fee. They also don’t impose monthly maintenance fees or setup fees. This is a big plus, as it makes their platform very competitive and valuable.

They offer cryptocurrencies

i trust capital offers investors the chance to put their retirement savings into cryptocurrencies and precious metals. Their user-friendly system allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver within your self-directed IRA (SIDRA).

The website is easy to navigate and contains a wealth of useful information, guides, and FAQs. Their support team is also contactable in a number of ways, including email and a live chat service.

They currently offer 28 digital assets, which include the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum alongside several other ones. They’re planning to add more coins in the future.

In addition, iTrustCapital offers precious metals IRAs that are backed by physical gold and silver from the Royal Canadian Mint. They recently launched a staking service, which puts cryptocurrency tokens into the blockchain in exchange for a small income.

iTrustCapital uses Fireblocks, a security platform that safeguards accounts and valuables. It also has a $45 million insurance policy. Two-factor authentication is also available to protect against hacking.

They offer precious metals

Precious metals are a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio. They offer tax advantages, low volatility and are a good hedge against inflation. However, investing in precious metals is not for everyone.

One way to invest in gold and silver is to open a precious metal IRA. This type of IRA allows you to purchase physical precious metals that comply with IRS regulations.

A precious metal IRA works almost identically to a standard IRA. You can fund your account with direct contributions, roll over an existing employer plan or open a new account.

iTrust Capital offers 29 digital assets, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, plus physical gold and silver from the Royal Canadian Mint. These are offered in partnership with Tradewind, a technology company that digitizes trading, settlement and ownership of precious metals.

iTrust Capital also provides customer support via phone calls, chat and email. Their representatives can help you choose which cryptocurrencies and precious metals are right for your investment portfolio. They can also discuss the fees that you may have to pay for buying and selling precious metals.

They offer customer support

i trust capital reviews provides excellent customer service via email, telephone and their mobile app. They also boast a bevy of slick tech that makes investing in the new age of money markets a breeze. The company is also a philanthropist in that they donate some of their profits to charities such as the National Wildlife Federation and the United Way. As for their website, they have some of the most comprehensive user guides I’ve seen. To get started, you’ll need to answer a few simple questions about your income and expenses, and whether you have existing investments in the stock or bond arena. You’ll also need to choose which asset class you’d like to manage. Once you’ve got that out of the way, you can start putting your newfound wealth to good use.