Goldline International Finvest Limited

Goldline International Finvest Limited provides investment advisory services in India and internationally. It also offers treasury management and money market operations.

It is based in New Delhi, India. The company was formerly known as Good-Enough Securities Limited and changed its name to Goldline International Finvest Limited in November 1995.

Company Overview

The company offers a variety of services, including in-house shipping and fulfillment, coin pricing and storage capabilities, as well as marketing via several channels for the collector and investor communities. The company’s inventory of coins and bars features an industry-first price guarantee. It also has a robust coin-sizing and grading service and a team of numismatic experts. The company also uses an impressive amount of data and analytics to deliver timely and relevant content to its customers. The company’s augmented reality app allows customers to view their coins in real time and take a virtual tour of its warehouse, while also delivering an interactive experience.

The company’s tidbit of news is that it has a cult following of over three million collectors and investors. This is primarily based on the fact that its inventory of precious metals, numismatic coins and bullion is available in a wide range of designs and sizes for purchase by customers. The best part is that the company does not charge any commissions for its services.


Goldline international finvest Ltd is engaged in the Business of Investments and providing investment advisory services. It provides financial solutions such as advance loans against listed shares, securities and properties, margin funding, corporate loans, personal loans, trading in shares and securities, trade financing, and bill discounting. It also engages in the sale of debentures, bonds, stock, and units to investors. The Company was incorporated in New Delhi on 9th September 1992 as ‘Good-Enough Securities Limited’ under the Companies Act, 1956 vide Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies, NCT of Delhi & Haryana.

The company’s current ratio is 1.32, lower than the industry average of 2.75 and P/B ratio of 0.49 which suggests that Goldline international finvest Limited may be worth investing in. However, investors should consider its past 10 year record and key valuation ratios to judge whether it is a good buy or not. Moneyworks4me’s stock analysis and Quick Research Report can help you to make a wise decision.

Products & Services

Goldline international offers a diverse inventory of precious metals, numismatic coins and rare currency with personalized services and industry-first price guarantee. It also provides in-house shipping and fulfillment, valuation and coin pricing services, lead generation, account management and storage capabilities, and distributes its products via multiple media channels for the collector and investor community.

The firm also offers a buyback program for individuals looking to sell bars or coins. This program consists of three easy procedures, and money is usually issued within three business days after the precious metals are accepted and verified by Goldline.

The company has a strong relationship with two great custodians, Equity Trust Company and GoldStar Trust Company. They also evidently care about security, because they don’t disclose which vault companies they work with. However, they show that the organizations are located in Las Vegas, Singapore and Zurich.


Goldline international (Scrip code: 538180) is a non-banking finance company that offers financial services to investors in India and abroad. It provides investment advisory services for treasury management and money market operations; and also operates as an administrator of different investment trusts.

The company’s management team is made up of a group of experienced professionals. They are supported by a board of directors that meets on a regular basis to review performance.

They are also supported by a well-equipped technology department. They use the latest technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

They also have a very helpful education section on their website, which is especially useful for those who are new to precious metals trading. It features in-depth topics about the price of gold, inflation and the dollar devaluation.