ANACS Coin Grading Cost

anacs grading cost

ANACS is America’s oldest grading service, located in Englewood, CO. Founded in 1972, ANACS has been the premier coin grading service in the industry.

ANACS is a third-party grading service that authenticates, grades and encapsulates coins. Their grading standards are not as stringent, so you’re likely to get a lower price for your coin than you would for one graded by PCGS or NGC.

Cost of grading

While many coin collectors don’t mind paying a small fee to get their coins graded, it’s important to know that the grading cost can vary significantly. Prices also depend on the maximum value of the coins being graded and the type of grading service you choose.

For example, a walkthrough service tier from NGC will grade any US coins with a maximum value of $25,000 for $175 and return them in a scratch-resistant holder. Beyond that, you’ll be charged $300 + 1% of the coin’s value according to NGC’s coin price guide.

Similarly, PCGS’s Walkthrough service tier will grade any coins with a maximum value of $100,000 for $150 and return them in a scratch-resistant coin holder. The company doesn’t guaranty that your coins will be graded correctly and does not cover any damage in transit or storage.

Time of grading

ANACS is America’s oldest coin grading service, located in Englewood, Colorado. It was founded in 1972 as a non-profit to verify the authenticity of coins.

Today, ANACS is one of the leading third-party coin grading services. It is the only ANA-affiliated grading service in the United States and uses ANA standards.

The grading process starts with the owner submitting their coins. The company will then authenticate and grade the coins before encapsulating them in an air-tight plastic holder.

The grading process can take anywhere from one to six weeks, depending on the type of coin and the availability of the coins. Typically, the best time to submit coins is during the summer months, when the grading companies are more staffed.

Turnaround time

ANACS was founded in 1972 as part of the American Numismatic Association to address the problem of counterfeit coins being sold in the coin market. As coin collecting began to boom, counterfeits were becoming more and more common.

Initially, ANACS issued photo certificates and used sonically sealed holders to house the coins. Then, in 1989, ANACS switched to encapsulating coins in tamper evident plastic holders.

In some ways, ANACS was the first TPGS service. However, their grading standards aren’t as stringent as those of PCGS or NGC. This makes their certified coins less desirable.


ANACS, also known as American Numismatic Association Certification Services, is one of the three leading coin grading services, along with PCGS and NGC. The grading fees charged by these services vary depending on the service tier selected and the cost of your coins.

Almost all certified coins are encapsulated in clear plastic holders for easy handling. This helps prevent abrasions, which can reduce the value of your coins.

The holder is typically yellow in color with an inert hard plastic material and a bold black lettering description. Some have fancy designs and pictures as well.

ANACS is the oldest of the three major grading services, with a history of encapsulating coins in plastic holders (or slabs) beginning in 1989. Today, ANACS is a 2nd tier grading service and is perfectly reputable for grading most coins for a lower price.