Acre Gold Reviews – Is Acre Gold Right For You?


Acre Gold Reviews – Is Acre Gold Right For You?

gold and silver round coinsAcre gold is a newer company that was designed by a group of tech gurus to change how people invest in gold. Their goal was to create an open market for gold sales and make it easier to buy and sell.

They are based in Santa Monica, California and Boise, Idaho. Their website claims that they offer a simple and engaging experience for investors while protecting their gold investments.

Subscription plan

The subscription plan offered by acre gold reviews offers investors a convenient way to invest in precious metals. It allows users to make incremental payments towards physical gold bars and bullion at a low monthly rate.

Investors can choose from three subscription tiers, with the lowest starting at $50 per month and the highest costing $250. The higher subscription tiers allow faster access to gold bars and bullion.

For each subscription, customers receive a progress report after their second payment, along with a monthly shipment email detailing when their gold bar will arrive. These reports are helpful because they can help you track your account and the status of your shipments.

Customer service is available through an email support team that is quick to respond to your questions and concerns. You can also access a customer portal that shows your current subscription plans, progress, and shipments.

Customer service

Acre Gold offers a simple and engaging way for investors to purchase gold. You can contribute monthly and the business will keep track of your progress and send you a gold bar when you have enough.

You can view your account and make changes from the customer portal. It also shows you your contributions, the amount of time you have until your first bar arrives, and the total accumulated deposits.

A number of customers have reported that the customer service agents are very slow to respond to emails. This means it can take months for you to get a response.

Some people have been unable to cancel their subscriptions, despite contacting the company through the customer service email. They’ve had to pay an extra fee for the cancellation.

The company’s website is uncluttered and user-friendly, but it could do with a FAQs section to answer common questions. This would help newbies who aren’t familiar with investing.

Payment options

Acre Gold allows you to invest in gold bars by setting up a monthly subscription plan. You pay a one-time $12 signup fee and a small amount of money each month until you’ve saved enough for a 2.5-gram bar.

Once you’ve accumulated enough cash for your first gold bar, Acre Gold will send it to you. It’s a great way to build up your investment in a safe, low-risk way.

The company also offers an affiliate program, so you can make a profit by referring people to the service. However, you’ll need to be sure that it’s a legitimate business before you join the program.

Acre Gold is not a scam, but it does have some issues with communication and transparency. Some customers have complained about their lack of real-time access to their account, but this seems to be a common problem with many other companies.


Founded by fintech veterans, Acre Gold aims to change the way people invest in gold. The company offers a subscription plan that lets you save up for a 2.5-gram gold bar each month until you have enough.

This makes it easier for first-time investors to get involved with the gold market and start building a solid investment portfolio. The system also automates the process of saving up for a gold bar, eliminating many of the hurdles that prevent people from getting into gold investing.

Customers also have the option to pay an extra $50 a month to purchase gold bars that are minted from recognizable mints as a guarantee of their authenticity and quality. They can also opt to receive a monthly progress report that provides information about their donation and how much they need to save to receive physical gold.

Acre Gold also offers a referral program for individuals who want to earn additional disposable income by introducing the company’s services to others. However, there is little detail about the compensation available, so it’s important to understand the fine print before signing up.